Be a part of this ever growing connections. It’s different from any other online fundraising platforms because will make your dreams our dreams and will work around the clock to source Funds for your innovations. We do not accept upfront fees from the users, we share the successes of the outcomes. Show up in one of our workshops or seminars to become familiar with our processes. Most people start with an idea that introduces them to potential patrons through our connections. It might turn out something like this:

Some patrons may compensate you through monthly salary to achieve your own goal in a given time frame.

…or something like this:

You may signed on a contract with us to develop your idea with our resources. We will manage the projects accordingly and assign works to be done by you and us.

As a new user, you should contact us via email to find out more. Once you are approved to become a member you will given a Login Link and Login ID and Password to start your fulfilling your dreams. You will be amazed on how many patrons and funds are readily available for you. Have fun!